Supplements are crucial to restore balance in a body that is depleted.

This analysis will show which prescription and over-the-counter medications are proven to deplete nutrients and we’ll show you how your patient can regain their health through restoring the balance they are missing.

We recommend professional grade supplements to promote the effectiveness of the supplements within the body.

Gone are the days where we can rely on nutritious food alone to be a reliable vitamin and mineral source.


Modern Farming – when plants are planted on the same ground year after year, the soil looses nutrients faster than it can be replaced. Fertilizer can help the plants live until harvest but do not contain enough nutrients for human health. Plants have 75% less micro-nutrients than they used to. They need 13 nutrients from the air, soil and water, to grow properly and do not grow well if even one is missing.

Early harvest – often plants are harvested before they are ripe, resulting in less nutrients naturally available. Nutrients diminish over time as fruits and vegetables sit on store shelves or trucks for weeks before eaten.

Sugar Content – plants are grown for sugar content not nutrient value. This results in fruits and veggies that are artificially high in sugar and low in nutrients.

Water is not balanced – we water our plants with water that is filled with chemicals or filtered in an unbalanced way resulting in mineral deficiencies.

Damage – chemicals, pesticides, GMO crops are all damaged crops, and even high quality commercial organic crops are not guaranteed to have high nutrient values.

Vitamins and minerals play an important role in keeping our bodies healthy. Proper balance and adequate levels of nutrients are essential for a range of complex processes in our bodies. Often your patient already has many nutrient depletions due to a poor or inadequate diet, but when you are armed with the knowledge that prescriptions medications deplete your patient’s nutrients even further, it is essential that you support them in supplementing their body so they can replace these vital nutrients and restore energy, function, and balance within their entire body.


Many people who have high cholesterol are prescribed a statin drug.  One side effect of this drug is a depletion of CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10), which is closely involved with cellular energy production and is a powerful anti-oxidant.  A depletion in CoQ10 also can weaken the heart muscle and the immune system.  The LifetimeAnalysis supplement report will recommend this supplement for this type of patient.  The analysis will also provide the absorption information, interactions with supplements, interactions with possible conditions, if lab work is needed and also additional notes regarding the supplement.  By taking this supplement and others required, they will start to feel the support in their body that proper nutrients provide for their optimal health.